Sextoy Review – Lelo Sona 2

sextoy review

Before you choose the right sextoy, you should check the reviews of the sextoy you want to buy. There are several different types of sextoys on the market today. These include the Nova vibrator, Lelo Sona 2, Starlet 2, and many others. A good sextoy review will be unbiased, and you won’t be misled by a product’s false advertising claims.

Lelo Sona 2

In this Lelo Sona 2 sex toy review, I’m going to discuss what makes this sex toy so good. The LELO Sona is LELO’s flagship product, so we’ll look at what makes it so great. The first thing that stands out about this sex toy is its size. LELO Sona 1.0 had a tiny tuutje, whereas the LELO Sona 2 has a large one.

The stimulation level of the Sona is much different than that of the original. Although it’s not as strong or deep as the first model, it’s very pleasant and makes you focus on your body while playing with it. Another difference between the two is the intensity level. The Lelo Sona 2 is a little more intense than its predecessor, but it’s still very pleasurable.

The Lelo Sona 2’s shape and feel are both impressive. The silicone body has a soft, rounded feel to it, while the shiny mirror-finished chrome on its concave side adds a sleek, space-age vibe. The nozzle is a little bit wider than its predecessor, but its curvy shape will stay the same. The Lelo Sona 2 also has a patented Cruise Control feature, which locks in 20 percent of its power during normal use, unlocking the rest when the motor loses power.

Despite its new name, the LELO Sona 2 is not a revolutionary sex toy. However, this model has a very impressive design and is based on the ‘airdruk’ technology developed by Womanizer. The first LELO Sona cruise was a wildly popular sextoy, and the sequel is much better. But what makes it so special?

Starlet 2

If you’re looking for a new hand sex toy for your man, the Womanizer Starlet is a good choice. Its palm-size design makes it easy to carry, and it features 4 levels of intensity. Each button increases the intensity by one. While the Starlet 2 does not have a travel lock, it does offer waterproof functionality. The device also comes with a storage pouch, and the extra-large head is an extra bonus.

The Womanizer Starlet 2 is a dildo containing a removable silicone tip. This allows you to create a dome around her clitoris and gently add pressure waves. The silicone tip is hypoallergenic and provides an excellent, smooth sensation. The Starlet 2 also weighs only 70 grams, making it easy to travel with. It is available in both black and red colors, and is waterproof up to an inch.

The Womanizer Starlet 2 is waterproof and can be cleaned with water or soap and water. If it does become damaged, you can replace it easily. You can find instructions for sterilizing the Womanizer Starlet 2 online at While I haven’t personally tried this device, I would highly recommend it to women who are looking for a great sex toy that will last for a long time.


This sextoy features dual motors. This means you can control the internal and external arm separately, or both at once. You can also control the pattern, speed, and use of the arm separately. The Nova app makes controlling the sextoy easy, but we wish it offered more features. However, we’ll have to wait for the next product in this line. But for now, let’s take a look at the features and how well the device works.

The Nova has an overall length of 8.46 inches and can be fully inserted into a 3.1-inch opening. The toy can’t be inserted deeper than that, though. Another positive feature is the large clitoral arm, which cuts off the vaginal arm to give you a nice erection. Overall, we were happy with our purchase. We’re sure to get more out of our Novas, so check out the review below!

This sextoy is highly customizable, making it the ideal sex toy for couples. You can adjust the speed of vibration, and even watch your partner’s reaction to it all! This sextoy is age-restricted, but our reviewer found that she could easily control her orgasm by using the app. Its ergonomic design made it feel like buying three or four separate toys. And, thanks to the ability to adjust the arm length with the push button, she could enjoy an endless variety of sex experiences.

The Nova has a magnetic charging system. A low battery indicator light helps you know when you need to recharge the device. The toy lasts about an hour and a half of playtime. It is waterproof, too, and its silicone body feels great against the skin. However, one of the main downsides of the Nova is its only colour, which is orange. So, if you’re looking for a new sextoy for your next date, you’ll want to check out the Nova.

Nova vibrator

The Nova has dual motors, which means that you can control both the internal and external arm. While you can’t use the internal arm alone, you can toggle between the two by pushing the “rotate” button. The Nova comes with three settings – high, medium, and low – and each has their own unique vibration pattern. If you’re a power queen, the highest setting is the best option. If you’re more of a light-hearted user, a lower setting is ideal.

The clitoral stimulation motor is the main highlight of the Nova. Other rabbit vibrators offer buzzy stimulation, but the Nova has a more satisfying thuddy sound. In addition, the internal arm is bendable, which means you can get deeper penetration. This helps achieve a seamless blend of orgasms, whether you’re an experienced or newbie. If you’re in the market for a high-performance vibrator, the Nova is a great option.

While it’s true that the Nova is large, many women find it unwieldy. Its control pad is easy to use even in the dark. Its powerful motors are also surprisingly quiet, which is useful for those who live in glorified tins. And even though you’re using it in a public space, Nova is still surprisingly hush-hushable.

The Nova is waterproof and rechargeable using a magnetic charger. The charge time is approximately an hour and a half. The vibrating toy is waterproof, and its silicone body is soft to the touch. Only one colour is available, and it’s black. That’s it. The Nova is available in one colour – black. It costs around $249. However, we would recommend you try one out to find out if it works for you.

Closetplay sex toy

If you’re thinking about buying a sex toy for yourself, or even for your partner, you might want to check out Closetplay Sex Toys. These innovative sex toys allow you to have sex in privacy. Simply download the app, invite your partner, and then enjoy! Closetplay Sex Toys have a variety of fun features, including an interactive mirror and a variety of sex toys.