Sextoy Review – Melt, Roto-Bator, And Ora 3

sextoy review

If you’re looking for a sextoy review, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve written reviews for Melt, Roto-bator, and Ora 3, and hope to give you an in-depth look at all of them. You can also get more information about the different sextoys by checking out the rest of my articles. You may be surprised at what I found!

Ora 3

I’m glad I’m not the only one who is curious about the Sextoy Ora 3 – I’m also a woman who is considering purchasing one! I’ve had a few experiences with other oral sex toys, and I’ve been disappointed by many, but this one is worth checking out! This oral sex toy is easy to use and can be used in the shower or bathtub, and my partner really liked it!

The design of this toy is very modern. Its button interface is shaped like a ring, so you have to slide your thumb through the center of the device to access the controls. Luckily, the manufacturer has included a helpful diagram that shows you where to press and what to do, but I did find it somewhat odd at first. It can also go from a mild vibration to a strong one.

Another notable feature of the Ora 3 is its ability to simulate cunnilingus. Its pleasure nub simulates a tongue, rotating and vibrating in sensational patterns that give both the user and the device a sense of orgasm. This is a great feature for those who love oral sex. I recommend this product to anyone who loves oral sex. If you’re interested in purchasing an oral sex toy, this is one of the best options available.

Lelo Ora 3 battery life is decent for a digital toy – the device can last for about an hour on a fully charged battery. It uses a 420 mAh Li-Ion battery. The toy’s battery recharges in about an hour and a half, so that’s an advantage. It’s best to use the charger for a full hour or more before the battery needs to be refilled.


This Sextoy Melt review will show you the pros and cons of this electronic sex toy. This product is made of medical-grade silicone and is completely body-safe. In addition, it is water-resistant and can be used in the shower. It also charges with a magnetic cable. While this product may not be for every man, it is certainly one of the best in its class. Let’s take a closer look at this electronic sex toy.

First, let’s talk about how the device works. The Melt delivers intense pulsating waves and suction to the clitoris. It is fully waterproof and can be used in the shower or bath. It also has an alarm that alerts you when it runs out of power. Lastly, the device is highly discreet, thanks to its magnetic charging cable and rechargeable battery. Despite its many pros, it’s hard to find a single con.

The Melt works with touchscreen gestures, and it can be turned on and off by pressing the “+” button for a couple of seconds. There are different modes to choose from, which you can change by swiping left and right. You can also create your own unique vibes by pressing the link icon. You can even save the newly created vibe by pressing a checkmark. During sex, the Melt can be used in many positions for a fun experience.

Aside from being waterproof, the Melt is also wireless. It is possible to control Melt remotely using the We-Connect app. The We-Connect app is another plus, which allows you to control the device from the comfort of your home. If you’re not comfortable with using the app, you can always reset the device by pressing the “+” button for 10 seconds. After that, you can do the pairing process again.

Sona 2

The LELO Sona 2 Cruise sextoy is based on ‘airdruk’ technology developed by Womanizer. The first version of the product was the LELO Sona Cruise, which has now been re-released with even more features. It is also a USB-oplaadsnoert. As the name suggests, the device is able to produce sound when in contact with the user’s lungs.

The Sona 2 comes in an elegant box that contains a USB charging cable, warranty card, and drawstring storage pouch. It also contains a sachet of LELO personal moisturizer, which is a glycerin-free lubricant. It can be used while charging and does not overheat. It also keeps its charge well. Aside from that, it’s comfortable to use, which is a plus when you’re buying a sextoy.

Another thing that makes the LELO Sona 2 different from the LELO Sona is that it has a zachter standje. The tuutje is also bigger and harder compared to the original Sona. So, you can expect some fun with this sextoy if you’re looking for an extra-large tuutje. You’ll have to check out the LELO Sona 2 sextoy review to make an informed decision.

In addition to the different stimulation levels, the Sona 2 is also waterproof. You can use it in the shower or in the bathtub and it is safe to use. To keep your Sona 2 in good condition, you should take care of its nozzle, which can be easily cleaned with warm water and antibacterial soap. You should also remember to keep it in a soft pouch after every use. The USB cable and soft pouch included with the device make it easy to transport.


The Roto-Bator by Sextoy is a mechanical male masturbator that features two silicone attachments and a plastic body. This device is designed to rotate around your penis and is powered by four AA batteries. This item can last for over an hour on a single charge. It also includes a charging cord. For maximum satisfaction, we recommend using it at least once a day.

It is shaped like a dong but does not require a full dong to fit. Its sleeve is 4 inches long, with one inch long ticklers attached. This device has nine different rotation patterns, so you can use it at different speeds or motions. You can also use it as a toy to play with your partner. However, you should always use a water-based lubricant with it to avoid possible skin irritations.

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